Vielight 655 Prime


The Vielight 655 Prime utilizes a low level laser light with a 655 nm wavelength. Low level laser light photobiomodulates cells and stimulates cellular function with greater efficiency than coherent light. Therefore, the 655 prime is designed to emit photons at a lower energy level than the Vielight 633 Red.

The Vielight 655 Prime has a longer history than the Vielight 633 Red and Vielight 810 Infrared. Most of the 3000+ clinical studies on light therapy over the decades have been based on low level lasers of similar parameters.

Vielight 655 Specifications

Parameters Vielight 655 Prime
Price $399
Source Laser diode
Wavelength 655 nm
Power Density 10 mW/cm2
Pulse mode Continuous
Objective Photobiomodulation of the capillary-rich nasal cavity