The Mother Technology – Intravenous Blood Irradiation

Intravenous blood irradiation

What MedicLights is substituting – the invasive intravenous blood irradiation method MedicLights seeks to irradiate the blood with with the same light and dosage as achieved by the decades old methodology of intravenous blood irradiation. The intravenous method was done by inserting a cannula into a vascular channel usually in the forearm. The cannula contains a catheter that carries a cable to deliver the low level laser light into the bloodstream through the vein.

In our case the light is delivered non-invasively to the vascular network in the nasal cavity.

The picture below illustrate the intravenous blood irradiation method.

Irradiation of the blood with low level laser light was pioneered by Russian scientists and published in 1981 (E Mishalkin (ed), “Application of direct laser irradiation in experimental and clinical heart surgery (in Russian)”, Novosibirsk: Nauka, 1981). This method is still in use in many countries as complementary to conventional medicine for improved blood rheology.