Improve Sports Performance and Endurance Training – use Light Therapy


Athletes and their coaches know that improvements in sports performance lie in the management of training. There is only a finite amount of time that can be invested in the training program, and the capacity of the body and mind to endure the regime presents the limit as to how far the body can take the intervention. Not many realize that light therapy in various forms have been an open secret to some high performers. Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong are two iconic sports figures to have used light in the form of low level laser therapy to help in accelerated healing and recover. Jeff Spencer, chiropractor for both these athletes considered his light therapy equipment, “Other than my hands, it’s the most important equipment I use……the laser does some things things to promote healing process and integrate body processes that little else compares to.” Some of the other teams that use this modality are the New England Patriots and the Phoenix Suns. [1]

Common applications with light therapy equipment have so far been for muscle tissue healing and recovery. Laboratory findings are pointing that irradiating the blood circulatory system with light in the visible read and near infrared-red parts of the light spectrum would improve the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, including the brain. The intranasal light therapy modality is a popular and convenient method to deliver light therapy to achieve this end.







1 Anderson RJ (2005). Riding the Wave. Training and Conditioning; 15(9): 32-37.