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Unblocking the Qi channels in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Mediclights therapy

The origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) largely goes back to the classical text, “Huangdi Neijing”. It is a compendium of work up to the point when it was compiled more than 2000 years ago, and when translated with integrity to its original meaning and context holds up remarkably well today.

The ideal of TCM with regards to Qi and Blood is to ensure that oxygen and other nutrients are circulated throughout the vascular network in the body unimpeded. It is not a metaphysical phenomenon as many followers of popular TCM have learned to believe. The main key lies in the health of the blood circulatory system.

Remarkably contemporary as it is, there seems little that it can add to present scientific knowledge. However TCM’s holistic approach is persuasive in offering itself as complementary to modern medicine. Its focus on the blood circulatory system should be appealing – take care of that and you take care of most of your health issues. Pharmacological intervention with all its side effects should rationally be secondary to a natural and inherently safe pathway such as this.
However, the TCM modalities of acupuncture, qigong and herbal therapy remain largely short with regards to credible evidence to support their efficacy. This opens the door to a new non-pharmacological approach that is true to the traditional holistic approach and yet has credible scientific basis and evidence.

In this respect, this paper proposes a certain light therapy modality, which is already deployed as mainstream medicine in some countries but largely unfamiliar to the North American medical community. Specifically, the method of low level laser therapy (“LLLT”) has built up a substantial body of evidence to support the indication that it is able to achieve red blood cell (“RBC”) disaggregation and better blood circulation. The improved blood circulation is achieved from the method of illuminating the blood. Until now, the most common way (mainly in Europe) is to perform intravenous irradiation. The Mediclights method and system is a new non-invasive way to achieve the same result with a 91 percent success rate in breaking up RBC aggregation, and hence improve blood circulation, consistent with the original TCM objective.

The evidence produced with this method not only shows success in removing a major factor for impediment to blood circulation – RBC aggregation. It also produces evidence of being a successful direct intervention for many diseases and disorders.

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