Future of Light Therapy

The Future of Light Therapy for Medicine

Light of different characteristics can be delivered in the same way, with different outcomes.

Studies have identified many possibilities with light of different wavelengths and whether they are coherent (as in lasers), non-coherent, or polarized. The mode of delivery can be fine-tuned to address different diseases and disorders. We will conduct our own studies to achieve an array of devices to achieve different efficacies.

For example whilst the red 655 nm low level laser is the foundation of our initial research and development, the green and blue lights are also effective in achieving more finely tuned responses to target certain diseases and disorders. There are also merits with non-laser light deriving from different colour light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Our provisional patent extends over the delivery of different lights base on the method and system platform of our first device.

It is an exciting future. There is much more to be discovered in the interest of human wellness.